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Find relief for your severe depression.

A new platform that connects you with treatments on the forefront of psychiatry.

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Feeling better
shouldn't be hard.

  • Meds that cause weight gain and loss of sex drive.

  • Physicians who are uncomfortable prescribing newer, FDA-approved medication.

  • You are led to believe it's your fault the meds aren't working.

  • Being kept in the dark about clinical trials and emerging methods of treatment.

What if you had a medical connection that understood more urgently your need to find relief from depression without hospitalization?

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There's an easier, faster way to

Find treatment that works for you.

What if you could connect quickly with specialized physicians and treatment centers equipped with the most advanced FDA-approved pharmaceuticals and therapies?

Your depression is NOT cookie cutter, which is why the same old treatments aren't getting you the results you need. Our groundbreaking AI-based algorithm connects you with:

Doctors who understand what stubborn depression feels like and meet it head on

Groundbreaking FDA-approved treatment

Access to clinics and physicians confident with prescribing the latest treatment and medication

A community of people who've gone through depression and are here to share their path

Treatment Match

Our proprietary algorithm reviews your lifestyle, sensitivity to side effects, medical history, FDA-approved medication and thousands of clinical trials to find options that closely match your pain profile.

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Join our online community.

Find friendship, hope, and Options.

This is your safe space to learn and grow with your peers. On rough days, you'll turn to them for inspiration and advice.

Take 3 steps to freedom from depression.

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Take a short background and medication assessment.

Get connected with top doctors and treatment.

Get matched with a provider who understands your depression.

Experience relief without compromise.

Treatment that fits into your lifestyle with less side effects.

Doctors who believe you.

Find a doctor who understands that you know your depression better than they do.

Treatment that works

Get access to new meds that are FDA-approved, backed by medical research, and have rave reviews from doctors and patients.

Equal access to clinical trials.

Enlist in trials of emerging methods of care that aren't based on social or financial status.

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