Feeling better shouldn't be hard

Matching you to better treatments for depression and anxiety
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The wrong drugs can affect your life.

50% of people who try an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication will have a negative experience. We won't let that be you. Options MD will provide the technology, experts, and comprehensive support so you can just focus on being yourself.

you have options

Personalize your treatment.

Do you feel like you've tried it all?

We've been there too, and that's whey we started Options MD. Our team of doctors and data scientists optimize treatments based on your condition, lifestyle and life goals so you can start feeling relief, faster.

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    Step 1: Med Check

    We take into account your symptoms, lifestyle, habits, personality and sensitivity to side effects.

    Step 2: Know your Options

    Using data-driven analysis and cutting edge clinical insight we find what actually works without lowering your quality of life.

    Step 3: Find The One

    If you're a fit, you'll get access to cutting edge treatments from medications to legal psychedelics to brain stimulants. We'll help you advocate for yourself with your current doctor or, through our network of top doctors nationwide, connect you with a new one.

    Flexible Pricing

    We only offer the highest quality treatments and most experienced doctors. Pricing is determined by your personalized treatment plan, and can range from $200-$800 per month.

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