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We built this company for you.

We've been where you're at, felt what you've felt, and struggled with this bullsh*t disease.

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You deserve the chance to

Feel happy and hopeful again.

You deserve the chance to

Feel happy and hopeful again.

Too many of us are held down by the weight of depression and are left without a clear path forward. Worse still, we waste time chasing solutions that don't work or simply don't work for us.

We're on a mission to change that. We offer an AI-based platform built by some of the top researchers in the medical community so you can connect with:

  • An advanced specialist that understands how to treat severe depression

  • Effective medication that offers real relief

  • With side effects that won't harm your social life of self worth

We have depression, too.

As best friends going through depression without access to the care we deserved, watching our friends and family suffer the same fate, we decided enough was enough.

  • Morgan Hewett

    Morgan Hewett

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Kyle Pierce

    Kyle Pierce

    Co-Founder & COO

You've got this.

After years of watching family members struggle to manage their mental health and after terrifying personal experiences with medications, we decided enough was enough. People need Options!

The current way doctors are prescribing mental health medications isn't working: over half of people with mental health disorders will have a negative experience with the first medication they try.

We all deserve more control over the effects of the medications we take.

Ready to pursue happiness with a cutting-edge physician in your corner who understands severe depression and can help you beat it?

A few of the brilliant minds of behind Options MD

  • Dr. Hants Williams

    Director of Clinical Research

    Clinician, PhD Health Informatics, Healthcare Data Scientist

  • Dr. Michelle Drapkin

    Medical Advisor

    Behavioral Health Researcher

  • Dr. James Weinberger

    Medical Co-Founder


Our core values

You deserve to be happy.

Your emotions matter.

There are no bad patients.

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