We have depression, too.

We know what it’s like to struggle with mental health. Our personal experiences, and the heartbreaking experiences of our loved ones, are what inspired Options MD. Over 50% of people with mental health disorders have a negative experience with the first medication they try. We believe feeling better shouldn’t be hard, so we’re creating a virtual clinic with some of the best psychiatric experts out there.

Kyle and Morgan

Kyle Pierce & Morgan Hewett,

Options MD Founders

A few of the brilliant minds behind Options MD

  • Dr. Hants Williams
    Dr. Hants Williams
    Director of Clinical Research

    Clinician, PhD Health Informatics, Healthcare Data Scientist

  • Dr. Michelle Drapkin
    Dr. Michelle Drapkin
    Medical Advisor

    Behavioral Health Researcher

  • Dr. Carl Marci
    Dr. Carl Marci
    Medical Advisor

    Board-certified psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital Part-time Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

Our core values

  • You deserve to be happy.
    You deserve to be happy.
  • Your emotions matter.
    Your emotions matter.
  • There are no bad patients.
    There are no bad patients.
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