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Kyle Pierce and Morgan Hewett are both rising stars in the health-tech space. With years of experience as successful professionals with strong ties to the healthcare sector, Morgan and Kyle envision revolutionizing mental health services with Options MD.

A 10-year-long close friendship and shared experiences of treatment-resistant mental illness within their circle of friends and family acted as the impetus for Morgan and Kyle to launch Options MD. 

A personal journey…

Morgan and Kyle’s personal stories of mental health paved the way for the inception of Options MD.

Kyle watched a high-school friend spiral into despair while dealing with severe treatment-resistant depression. Sadly, she succumbed to the condition and died by suicide after one and a half years of unsuccessful treatment. 

Morgan, too, was directly impacted when one of her own family members grappled with severe depression for eight long years. Multiple rounds of medication and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on treatment still could not prevent suicide attempts. Thankfully, her family member survived and was lucky enough to find access to an off-label medication that changed his life. He is in a happier place in life today.

Unfortunately, Morgan and Kyle’s experience with mental health conditions didn’t end there. It extended into their own lives as well. Just like so many thousands of people facing the uncertainty and turbulence brought on by mental health conditions, Morgan and Kyle have also had their own struggles with mental health. 

Morgan and Kyle’s experience with mental health has informed them in a very personal way:

  • Being diagnosed with mental health conditions
  • Dealing with multiple prescription medications that didn’t work or caused side effects
  • Taking time off from promising careers in order to prioritize their mental health
  • Overcoming their struggles to reach a happy and successful place in life

They’ve been through every step of the process just like so many multitudes of people and finally come out victorious.

Both Morgan and Kyle have seen first-hand struggles of dealing with mental health issues and finding successful treatment - both for themselves as well as their friends and family. The bewilderment and frustration of not knowing where to turn next in their journey to mental health recovery make the reality of Options MD so much more meaningful. 

A feeling of being let down by a system that lacks enough options and support for those with severe treatment-resistant depression is common among patients. For Morgan and Kyle, this shared feeling set in motion ideas for the birth of Options MD. 

For anyone dealing with treatment-resistant depression, navigating the space where things are uncertain and trying to find a way forward can be incredibly challenging and disheartening.

Morgan and Kyle want to spread their uplifting feeling of hope and real success. They both found it after years of struggling to find the right treatment.  The Options MD ethos is about finding the treatment that works for you! 

Professional Success….

Before launching Options MD, Kyle Pierce was a healthcare attorney leading caseloads for the largest payers and hospital systems in California. As an operator, he focused heavily on data privacy and financial safety, and his professional path has been instrumental in paving the way forward with Options MD. 

Similarly, Morgan Hewett worked at Facebook before coming together with Kyle to launch Options MD. She helped launch Facebook’s healthcare marketing division and led disease awareness campaigns in partnership with the world’s largest healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.

For both of these health-tech stars, the impact of their personal experiences was deep, inspiring them to walk away from very big careers to devote their lives to this mission - to help other people going through what they themselves experienced and come out successful on the other side.

Do you have more questions?

Morgan, Kyle, and the Options MD team can help! Our psychiatry experts research and reference over 200 different science-backed, leading-edge treatment options to determine the best and most appropriate treatment for you.

We also started the largest Facebook community of people with severe and treatment-resistant depression. 

It is a safe, collaborative, and supportive place to learn about better medication options and leading-edge treatments. Join today to get access to qualified doctors and find friendship and support.

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If you or someone you know are actively experiencing suicidal thoughts, are in crisis or in an emergency, call 988. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to right now, the resources below provide free and confidential assistance 24/7:

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