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At Options MD, our unique model of care offers people suffering from treatment-resistant depression the possibility to combine the power of technology with human care and empathy to find the best treatment option for their situation. 

We focus on providing access to the best possible care to patients who have not seen success from previous treatment. Options MD therapists and clinicians draw from a toolkit with an extensive range of depression treatment related expertise and research through our virtual clinic model. 

This includes emerging treatments for depression and treatment options involving in-person therapy. We ensure that our patients receive the best possible care safely and compassionately.

We begin with an online assessment and use a data-driven approach to make treatment recommendations based on the latest scientific evidence, personalized to each individual’s profile. 

After the assessment, qualifying patients then follow a simple 3-step care format:

  1.     Qualifying patients are connected to one of our telehealth clinicians.
  2.   Patients get access to our expert team, working with more than 200 treatment options and multiple treatment modalities.
  3.   Progress is tracked with regular check-ins, and peer support is made available through our online community.

Why Treatment-Resistant Depression

Options MD is currently accepting patients who have experienced at least two different antidepressant medications unsuccessfully. Our intake procedure involves careful screening by our knowledgeable telehealth clinicians. Currently, our care program focuses exclusively on patients with a primary diagnosis of refractory, moderate-to-severe major depressive disorder.

We truly believe that the right diagnosis is fundamental to connecting patients with the best possible mental health resources.

How Treatment Is Carried Out

As part of our model of care, treatment plans are designed for every patient to provide comprehensive care and the best possible road to recovery. From the initial assessment through prescriptions and closed-loop referrals, we strive to set our patients and clinicians up for treatment success with a commitment to patient safety at every step.

How can we keep to this promise? Read on.

Technology-enabled Intake

When you first approach the Options MD platform, you will take an initial online assessment. Our expert clinicians have designed this assessment to make the process of recording personal, medical, and psychiatric history more robust.

Our proprietary algorithm uses your data to generate initial impressions and recommendations. The assessment highlights past and current symptoms, prior medication trials, health outcomes, significant comorbidities, and potential contraindications. 

Our clinicians review the report to start considering diagnoses and possible treatment options so that when you have your first conversation with our practitioner, they can jump right into discussing viable treatment options. They can then craft an individualized care plan to set you up for the highest chance of treatment success.

Hybrid Care and Multidisciplinary Approach

Our hybrid care model enables access to both virtual and in-person treatment possibilities. Through our platform, our experts and partner practitioners can treat patients with a range of interventions, such as:

  • Recommending lifestyle modifications, such as nutrition and exercise coaching
  • Prescribing new or additional medications
  • Connecting patients with licensed therapists
  • Referring patients to onsite centers for specialized care, such as electroconvulsive therapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation

Additionally, our multidisciplinary approach allows patients to access several different treatment options they may not have previously considered. For instance, patients may benefit from supplementing antidepressants with novel medication approaches and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Our platform makes combining relevant treatment options possible for the benefit of our patients.

Emerging Treatments

Patients are diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression because they may not have had success with antidepressant medication. At Options MD, our practitioners specialize in using emerging treatments for depression.

They do not shy away from treating patients for severe depression by incorporating the latest research or novel treatment options into complex care plans. Our practitioners’ expert guidance ensures that our patients receive the best possible care safely. Newer forms of treatment can include:

  • Rapid-acting medications, such as oral ketamine and bupropion-dextromethorphan combination therapy
  • Symptom-targeted approaches to treatment, such as off-label use of pramipexole for anhedonia

These treatments are crucial tools in the fight against treatment-resistant depression. Most importantly, our care plans use closed-loop referrals to ensure that patients have a cohesive treatment journey, even when multiple care settings are involved.

Long-Term Relationships

Patient progress is tracked individually by providing multiple review points throughout the treatment journey. Need-based care is provided in the form of frequent check-ins with our practitioners. 

Check-ins help patients stay current on their progress and discuss any aspect of their care directly with our practitioners.

Regular contact also makes it possible to keep a close watch on possible side effects, questions, and concerns during treatment. We also support patients asynchronously with other resources, such as educational materials, medication reminders, and regular health surveys.

Community of Peers

At Options MD, we believe that a holistic approach to treatment involves more than medication or therapy. We offer community resources, peer support, and free medical education content to help our patients arm themselves with as much knowledge and support as they need.

We want to improve mental health for everyone through the work of our exceptional clinicians and with resources for support that falls outside the physician-patient relationships.

We want our patients to know that they are not alone and that peer support is available. With this in mind, we started the largest online community of people with treatment-resistant depression, where we encourage patients to share their stories – anything from their experiences with treatment, to how they are feeling and how symptoms have affected their lives.

Do you have more questions?

Morgan, Kyle, and the Options MD team can help! Our psychiatry experts research and reference over 200 different science-backed, leading-edge treatment options to determine the best and most appropriate treatment for you.

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