• Therapy Follow-Up

    Recurring Session

    $112 each*

    Receive personalized, evidence-based therapy like CBT, ACT, DBT, or EMDR that can be combined with other treatment approaches.

    *Discounted packages available

  • Intake Session

    1-Hour Consultation Meeting


    Assess your history with depression, symptoms, lifestyle, overall health, and personal treatment preferences. You’ll leave with a diagnosis confirmation and personalized treatment plan.

    *Discounted to $149 for first 30 patients with code: FIRST30

  • Psych Follow-Up

    Recurring Session

    $112 each*

    Optimize your treatment through close monitoring of your symptoms and management of side effects.

    *Discounted packages available

Currently, all payments are out-of-pocket, but we are actively working on taking insurance. Stay tuned—we are planning to make this possible by 2023.

  • I found [Options MD] to be really accessible in terms of being able to find what you need, being able to get to it, the language that was used, and the way that the research and the information was laid out.


  • I’ve struggled with depression for over 15 years. I was starting to feel hopeless until I found Options MD. […] Their individualized approach to treatment helped steer me in the direction I needed to go to feel “normal” again.


  • I've been struggling with depression for the better part of a decade, [...] I now have an appointment to speak with my provider regarding some of these options, and I'm excited and hopeful for the future.


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We started the largest community of people with severe and treatment-resistant depression. Join to learn about better medication options and leading-edge treatments, get access to more qualified doctors, and find friendship and support.

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Our clinical team is always on the look-out for the latest and greatest treatments. Click below to download our free guide about groundbreaking and experimental therapies for treatment-resistant depression.

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