A better option for treatment-resistant depression

Finally, a path to freedom that understands your depression, your anxiety and you.

Choose you.

Yesterday, you were at the mercy of whatever your doctor prescribed—take it or leave it. Today, you have access to medical professionals all over the country, new and emerging methods of care, and a community that has your back.

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you have options

Looking at depression by itself leads to one-size-fits-all bullsh*t

Depression can't be treated in a vacuum. It's actually more like your cousin Jeff—it lives with you. Bringing its pain, lifestyle, personality, humor, culture, and Jeffness.

You now have access to the same treatments most well-healed celebrities do. A team of doctors and data scientists are here to optimize solutions based on your condition, lifestyle and life goals so you can start feeling relief, faster.

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    Step 1: Med Check

    We take into account your symptoms, lifestyle, habits, personality and sensitivity to side effects.

    Step 2: Know your Options

    Using data-driven analysis and cutting edge clinical insight we find what actually works without lowering your quality of life.

    Step 3: Find The One

    If you're a fit, you'll get access to cutting edge treatments from medications to legal psychedelics to brain stimulants. We'll help you advocate for yourself with your current doctor or, through our network of top doctors nationwide, connect you with a new one.

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