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It's not you, it's your meds.

Is your treatment stuck in the 90s?

Some psychiatrists aren't aware of the latest FDA-approved medication, which means they're limiting patients access to the newest generation of treatments.

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    • 1938

      Electroconvulsive Therapy

We can help you find a better doctor-one with access to current treatments and enough knowledge to prescribe them safely.

You have options.

Yesterday, you were at the mercy of whatever your doctor prescribed, take it or leave it. Today, you have:

  • Medical Professionals at the top of their game.

  • New and emerging methods of care.

  • Easier access to the newest generation of FDA-approved treatments.

  • Medication with manageable side effects.

  • Total freedom to change treatments and doctors.

  • A community of peers that has your back.

Personalized treatment—from specialists who care

Bring balance back to your life. Options MD now offers virtual psychiatric services from doctors specialized in treatment-resistant depression.*

Getting to know the complete picture, they diagnose (or reconfirm!) the root cause of your depression and work with you to determine a personalized treatment plan that fits with your depression—and your life.

  • Data-driven Intake

    Gets to know your history with depression, symptoms, lifestyle, overall health, and personal treatment preferences.

  • New and Off-label Treatments

    Personalized treatment plans with multiple care methods, including over 150 pharmaceutical, behavioral, and lifestyle options.

  • Coordination of Care

    Behavioral treatments (including CBT, DBT, ACT, and EMDR) managed alongside psychiatric care for faster results.

  • Clinical Trials

    If getting matched to one of over 150 in-market treatments isn't right for you, you'll be submitted for candidacy to clinical trials that match your unique needs.

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