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Options MD is a virtual clinic that offers a telemedicine platform designed to serve people with treatment-resistant depression. 

Our approach to finding the right treatment is based on an individualized and personalized understanding of each patient’s unique situation. There is no “one-size-fits-all” option here.

If you are a patient with depression, you probably know how hard it can be to follow the usual route. Failure with first-line and second-line treatment can often lead to a loss of trust in the healthcare system. If you identify with these feelings, Options MD can help. We support you by equipping you with the information and resources needed to consider additional treatment options personalized to your specific needs.

Our goal is to become the premier care platform for patients and specialist practitioners trying to address the enormous burden of treatment-resistant depression.

Our options encompass more than 200 treatments ranging from brand-new FDA-approved therapies to experimental clinical trials. Believe us when we say that there is a treatment that will work for you, and we’re confident you will find it!

Let’s look at why the Options MD platform is unique.

Our Holistic Approach

We emphasize data-driven personalization of treatment for every patient. Additionally, our clinicians are highly experienced professionals who can create specialized treatment plans and offer a hybrid model of care.

We craft individualized care plans, setting patients up for the highest chance of treatment success. Our hybrid model of care incorporates access to both virtual and in-person treatment modalities.

We know it takes a team to address the challenges of treatment-resistant depression. Our platform proudly integrates both asynchronous automated online tools with synchronous, live telehealth treatment modalities.

We ensure our patients can access emerging treatments through our platform or closed-loop referrals to specialized practices in our ever-expanding network. With our focus on integrated longitudinal care, we continue to support each patient throughout their treatment journey, regardless of care delivery modality or location.

Patient Safety

We’re fully committed to patient safety. Our psychiatry experts are therapists with years of experience caring for patients in sensitive situations.

They are all board-certified in psychiatry and have received advanced medical training from the best medical institutions in the country. Every care is taken to protect our patients from an emotional and confidentiality perspective.

Treatment is More than Medication or Therapy

Treatment-resistant conditions can affect a patient’s life in the long term. Given this fact, these conditions can be an isolating experience in more ways than one. 

At Options MD, in addition to providing access to cutting-edge therapies, all our patients have access to community resources, peer support, and free medical education content. We also include coaching on lifestyle modification and integrated psychotherapy for patients, as required. 

In addition, we’ve created an online community that connects patients, giving everyone a chance to feel heard and supported by their peers.  We also provide educational resources to promote increased learning and awareness about managing treatment-resistant depression.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

Options MD tech stars have built a high-end proprietary algorithm that generates an initial impression and recommendations viewed by clinicians for diagnostic workups. 

Data plays a crucial role in our work. Our online initial assessment tool integrates the latest information about different treatment modalities and makes personalized recommendations through a highly personalized approach driven by individual responses.

The platform is designed by clinicians to collect pertinent information asynchronously before a patient’s first appointment with one of our telehealth clinicians.

This process streamlines workflows for our practitioners, giving them more time for each visit, as well as the data they need to deliver the best possible care. Our goal is to empower patients and offer new options for care for their condition, even if they didn’t see results from previous attempts.

Do you have more questions?

Options MD can help! We want our patients to know that they are more than a diagnosis and that despite past treatment failures, there is hope for improvement in their mental health.

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If you or someone you know are actively experiencing suicidal thoughts, are in crisis or in an emergency, call 988. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to right now, the resources below provide free and confidential assistance 24/7:

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